Driven by a deep respect and passion for talent and artistry, Super Nova Artists was established in 2016. Super Nova Artists has established itself as a representation agency providing personalized services to its exceptionally gifted artists. Since its inception, the agency has developed and maintained an excellent reputation. The success of our company relies upon positive experiences as we offer our Talent a “uniquely-designed” individualized approach to representation.

Our objective is to identify and select extraordinarily gifted artists and offer them uniquely tailored representation services to propel their artistic career worldwide. We concentrate on each individual artist to design a personalized program of representation and launch their career to the public through major media outlets worldwide, social media, and public relations services.

Super Nova Artists’ growth over the last two years became a reality as our original vision of innovative career management has gained a singular reputation for outstanding service. Indeed, we promote our clients first and foremost as we maintain a strong relationship with all parties.


With offices located in New York, we pride ourselves on remaining an independent agency that gives each client personalized attention. We bring a managerial insight to representation which upholds our conviction that our clients are fundamental to our business.