O-1B Visa

Supernova Artists can help international artists obtain an O-1B Visa, which is for for tattoo artists with an “extraordinary ability in the arts.”  The requirements for this visa include extensive proof that you are distinguished in your art by providing extensive documentation.  This documentation includes, but is not limited to, referral letters from other internationally recognized "extraordinary" artists, convention invitations, educational seminars, guest spots at famous tattoo studios, awards won at different competitions, interviews in reputable publications, and sponsorship by prestigious brands.  Supernova, as an Agency, provides artists access to working at multiple USA studios and represents you.  Artists who wish to work at multiple locations in the US must submit an detailed itinerary for 3 years (the initial time period granted for first-time applicants of the O-1 Visa).  This plan would be filed by someone who represents all of your employers, otherwise known as an agent.


Supernova is happy to consult you on the details of your personal case. 


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